Choosing A Niche or Product…

In our last article we talked about the determination you need to have if you are going to start an online business.  If you are not determined to learn and work your business, it is destined for failure.  Let us now move on to the next key element in your search for online success:

What is a  Niche…

Let's start with a foundational question:  What is a niche?

If you are a true newbie or beginner, you may not know what a niche is.  A niche is simply an interest group. A group of people who have a common interest.  It may be a hobby, or an occupation, a shared need or a simple curiosity.  Whatever it may be you  must decide whether this interest group is willing to make purchases to support  or continue their interest. Some interest groups will never spend anything.  Others will expend large amounts of cash to expand their interest. There are 1000's of these intertest groups and  it is easy to be dwarfed by all the niches in which you can start your business. The number of products and services marketed on the internet are beyond your imagination. If you have an idea of what you want to market or the niche you want to fit into that will help your beginning. However, if you have no idea  of what you want your niche to be you must do the work necessary to choose the interest group you want to be your market.

Choosing a Niche

You do not know what you want to market on the internet.  How do you choose an interest group and a product?

  • First of all make a list of the things about which you are passionate.  What are the things that you like to do best. List your most enjoyable work activities, your sports interests, your hobbies, and anything else that you spend time doing. For example you may be a great cook, a sports car enthusiast, an expert on football or baseball( you name the sport), a collector of antiques, a creator of jewelry, you may sew or crochet…As you can see the list is endless.

Now you have taken the beginning step in finding the niche where you will put your business. Now you need to begin to evaluate the areas of greatest interest to you. If you are passionate about something and would spend money on it so will others.

  • Look for an interest center that not only allows you to make money, but also gives you pleasure in doing. How many people do you know that make a good income but are miserable because they hate what they are doing. One of the reasons for starting an online business is so you can make a good income and also so that you can do what you enjoy doing. You have made a decision that you are willing to spend a great deal of time building a business of your own.  Make sure you choose a niche that you can stay compassionate about over the long haul. You do not want another job.  You want something in which you can invest yourself because you love it!

Thinking of what we have just discussed, I want to suggest that you choose several areas of interest and list them in order of their importance to you. Then we can begin to evaluate what may be the best niche for you to start your business. We now need to do the research to see if it is a viable market. Let's look at that in our next post.

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The Determined Newbie!

In our last post we listed 4 things that all beginners need to do if they are going to succeed at building a business on the internet. I want to make the topic of this post the very first thing we mentioned in that article. 

You Must Make a Decision…

If you have even the smallest desire to become an entrepreneur on the internet, you must evaluate what price you are willing to pay to establish your online presence. For most of us this not a life and death moment.  We can build a business or we can walk away and continue what we are already doing.That is the very reason why most people do not succeed at internet marketing.  It is too easy to take a look at all that needs to be learned and simply walk away from the process! Before you even begin the process of launching an internet business, you must count the cost.  If you are here because you are a newbie, I do not want to lead you  astray.  You must make a decision that you are willing to stick with it no matter how confusing the process may seem.  If you are not willing to step into new territory you should not be here.  Continue your current occupation or attend to your hobbies. That way you will not waste your time or your money.  To be successful in an online business you must determine that you are in for the duration.  No matter what comes your way you are going to hang in.  As a beginner you will make mistakes and there are times you have undo the hard work you have done. If it isn't working and you haven't made a this decision, you will quit.  So before you even build your first website determine the price you are willing to pay in time, effort and even emotions.  Internet Marketing is not:

For the Faint of Heart…

When you begin to build an internet business there is a very large learning curve.  Some of you may be fortunate enough that you have a background in computers and HTML and WordPress etc.  However most novices do not have such skills.  You may feel comfortable using a computer and even surfing on the net.  Many of you like me probably have a facebook page,send tweets and may even have other social pages. That will help you to be familiar with certain terms but how do you relate that to a business.  Starting a business takes you into a whole new realm.  I have friends who are experts in certain areas of computer use who will not even talk about starting an online business.  The learning curve is more than they want to attack.  They are happier with their current status. They work for a company that requires a certain number of hours, and they are not willing to spend time developing a business for themselves.  As someone who is new to internet marketing you must determine if you have what it takes to wade through the large amount of knowledge that you have before you.  You can make money as an online business owner but you must be willing to take the good with the bad.  You must determine whether or not you have the heart to make it.  You must make the decision as to whether you can work for yourself:

Can You Be Your Own Boss?

You might think that is a silly question. After all if I am my own boss I can do anything I want. That is just the point I am making.  If you are going to be your own boss you must have the gumption to spend the time necessary to build your enterprise.  No one else is going to do that for your.  I am asking you as a person contemplating starting a business to evaluate your own personality.  Some people have no problem working by themselves. They are self starters and can get up every morning and set schedule and keep it.  Others cannot do that.  If they are punching a clock they know they have to be there but if left to their own direction the hours pass by with no accomplishments.  If you cannot set a schedule for yourself and work that schedule, you may want to reconsider starting an online business. Being your own boss sounds great but there are many distractions that can keep you from succeeding.   Before you go further look inside yourself and determine if you can work for yourself. Also you must be willing to overcome the many voices around you:

No Overnight Success!

If you have read this far, you must feel that you have what it takes to start an online business.  You will find as a newbie that you wil have many different people trying to give you advice. Some will be highly touted gurus on the internet who will promise that you can quit your day job in a couple of weeks.  Others will be friends or acquaintances that have given internet marketing a try and have failed.  They will be the ones who will tell you that all internet businesses are a scam. Yet they are part of a society that has seen Ebay and Amazon become strong competitors to the stores that populate our malls.  I bet they buy from them too. Even your own family may try to discourage your efforts.  Be determined from the beginning to sort out the good from the bad.  You will need certain voices to help you avoid mistakes and you will need to listen to your family when they tell you to slow down and smell the roses.  Listen to what is said and eat the meat and spit out the bones! You can succeed if you are determined to do so!


If you are going to succeed in this world of internet business, you must be a Determined Newbie. If you do not make the decision that you are in for the long haul, you probably will start but you will not succeed.  When you  you do not make money right away or you just get weary, you will quit.  I do not want to see that happen to you.  Make the decision that you will keep on Keeping on and you will be the success you want to be.

Keep Looking Up!





As a Newbie What do I need to Get Started?

My First Efforts

When I first started on the internet, the learning curve if you wanted to build a webpage was overwhelming.  You needed to understand HTML, you needed to find a way to put your page online, you needed to find a good program to build your webpage etc.  and you needed to buy a domain name.  These are just a few of the items with which you had to deal.

The result was that you either had to take the time to search for the items you needed or you could buy a cookie cutter website already created by someone who had them for sale.  I slowly learned the basic rules of HTML and I found several programs (web editors)  to help build the webpage.  However, getting a page designed and  online was a slow and tedious process. 

The Easy Way (Not)

Because of the time involved In creating a webpage, I was attracted to the many offers of pre-made webpages.  All you had to do was to make a purchase and put the page on your webhost and you were off and running.  Or so it seemed.  The sites were of a cookie cutter variety that was being bought by many other newbies on the net.  The creators of such pages made money and the most creative probably got wealthy.  However, in those early years I never got a return on my investment.  There were many different ways that pages were marketed to beginning marketers but if you did not know how to get the page listed on the search engines your purchase was a waste of your time.  I spent a great deal of money trying to be successful the easy way.  I think you get the idea.  If not send me a comment and I can go on and on.

What Do I Need to Do?

Becoming a successful online marketer in not easy but it is certainly not impossible.  Anyone can become successful online if they are willing to put in the hours necessary for it to happen.  The reason I mention the things in the first two paragraphs is because I do not want you to make the same mistakes I have made. Nor do I want you to waste your hard earned dollars. I know from experience it is too easy to waste lots of time and dollars if you do not begin properly.

  1. You need to make a decision… You need to decide that you are committed to building an online business. guarantee that ahead of you are going to be days where you will be very frustrated.  There is a substancial leaning curve as a beginning marketer.  If you do not have the determination to keep at it you will not succeed. There is no reason you cannot succeed if you make an unshakable committment before you begin to do the rest of the work.  Make that decision right now before you do anything else.
  2. You need to decide on a your niche or your product.  What you are going to market will determine how you will build your website and then how you are going present yourself and your website to the public.  If you are planning to market a product with which you have already worked you can use the knowledge you already have to begin to develope your online business.  
  3. You need to find a place to build your Website.  There are so many webhosting services on the internet that choosing just one can be very confusing.  However with a little research you will find that some are much better than others and the price can vary greatly according to what they offer.  This is one of the most important decisions you will make.  You do not want to spend hours building and adding content to a site and then have to move it or find that it is down more than it is available online.
  4. You will need to decide what format you will use to build your website.  You can build a website using standard HTML if you have the knowledge to do that. Also you can use a tool like WordPress to build your website in a blog format. The flexibility of WordPress is very popular for building webpages.
  5. You need to purchase a domain name. We will discuss this in a following post, but you need to decide on a name for your business.  Then you need to find a domain that relates the niche that you will be promoting.


This short list is not all that you will have to do but it will give you a good beginning to your quest for success at starting an internet business. Here at the Newbie Page, I want to help you simplify your work by giving you the instructions to build your site and helping you to find the best tools with which you can build.

Keep Looking Up!







As a Newbie Online Who Do I Trust?

That is a great question!  It really relates to everything we do in life.  We are all newbies in one area or another.  To be a newbie really just means that we are doing something that we have not done before.  It is something that we know little about and it creates insecurity as we begin to work.  And the question arises, “Whose information do I trust? There is so much information on the web that we are overwhelmed.

And Look At All Those Promises!

  • You can make money today!

  • Make $10,000.00 in your first 30 days!

  • You will find support here like nowhere else!

  • I will always be available when you need me!

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.  There is so much out there that as you are beginning, it is easy to throw up your hands and quit.  Let me encourage you not to do that.  You can make it as an internet Marketer and there are many good websites from which you can learn information.  You just have to be careful where you look.  Also you need to adhere to the old adage, “If it appears to be to good to be true, it probably is!”

Internet Marketing Has Rules Like Any Other Business!

If you are going to endeavor to make money online.  You need to face some realities. Those who succeed in making money on the web understand that their online business is just as real as any brick and mortar enterprise.  Therefore:

  1. It must have a good foundation!  You must learn your trade before you are going to be successful.
  2. You will not make money overnight.  At the beginning you may actually be investing rather than making income. However, you do not have to invest huge amounts of cash!
  3. The time you invest in your business will be as important as any monetary investment you make!  At the beginning internet businesses do not run themselves.  It will be your hands on activity that will make it grow.
  4. Make sure  that you have a quality product or service that you will be offering to your customers.  If not you will kill your business before it gets off the ground.  It may take you longer to get started but if you develop your product or service before you launch your business you will reap great benfits.  Don’t get the cart before the horse.
  5. Don’t quit your day job and expect to immediately support yourself with your new online business.  Keep doing what you are doing until you know that you can replace your income with your new endeavor.
  6. Do not doubt that you can build a good income on the Web.  You can do it if you have the grit and determination to prepare yourself for the responsibilities that come with starting a  new business.

I truly believe you can build a solid income online but you must prepare and there are some things that you will need to get started on the right foot!  We will talk about a few of those in our next post.

Keep Looking Up!

Dan (2374)