Are you tired of trying to build an online business all by your self?  There are so many emails that come to you proclaiming that if you only buy their product you can be making riches in just a short period of time.  Sadly there are so many websites that make promise they do not keep and others that give you good materials but no help in applying them.  However:

There Are Good Products Out There!

But how do you tell the good products from the scams?  Unless you are well schooled in internet marketing, you may spending $37.00 here, $47.00 there and it is a never ending money pit.  Here at the Newbie Page we want to help you sort through the overwhelming amount of  email you get.  This is a place for newbies and those who are confused or even ready to give up!  We can help you succeed in your quest to make money on the internet.  Most of what you are experiencing, we have already experienced. Do not spend good money after bad searching for instant profits.  You can make money online but it takes hard work, a willingness to invest your time in learning the right way to do things and a good mentor certainly helps.  Let us work with you to help you meet your financial goals online.

I have been Where You are!

I believe I can help you build online without going through some of the painful experiences that I have had.  Also I do not want you to spend the money I have spent chasing the dreams of quick success!  I can well remember sitting at the computer as a newbie and reading the emails telling me how I could make this one time investment and become wealthy in a short period of time.  There were always testimonials of those who had had great success!  I look back and wonder how many of those testimonials were really verified.  I did not have a  big list of names and I did not know how to build the lists that they said was essential.   Once they put up the site that they promised they would provide,  it did not get any action because I did not know how to get it ranked in the search engines and  most online ads I could not afford.  Well,  lest I rattle on about the woes of  my newbie days, let me say again that my passion in putting up this site is to help those who like me want to start an internet business without being ripped off a thousand times while learning how to do it.  We are here to help you! Read our posts and reviews and give us your comments and we will do all we can to keep you going the right direction!

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2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Very good information and I think it's something that all newbies should take to heart.  This is something I needed to know a year ago before I started chucking money at things, believing all the hype and glamor.  That just doesn't work.  You have clearly set the record straight here and I thank you for that.  Keep it up, others need to read this.

  2. Well done, Dan! Information I needed to know months ago, before finding WA.

    As a new newbie, I didn't even understand what all the terms and acronyms meant – and still don't fully comprehend the whys and wherefores of them.

    Would you consider compiling an A to Z  Glossary of Internet Marketing terms?

    This, I feel, would be of considerable help to those starting to dip their toe into the deep and murky waters of Internet Marketing. Far too many trainers present their information, assuming that the readers or listeners can fully understand all the terminology. 

    :) george


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