Dan R. Crouch

I have  been a Minister and Evangelist since 1970.  I have  served as the pastor of 4 churches in Ohio and 2 churches in Arizona. Also my wife Nancy and I have conducted evangelistic services across the United States. It has been a great privilege for Nancy and I to touch the lives of many individuals through our singing and preaching ministry. Currently we are serving the Fountain of Life Community Church in Prescott Valley, Arizona. I am the Senior Pastor and Nancy is the Minister of Music and also is in charge of the church office. We  are very grateful for the leadership and provision of God during these many years of ministry.

Over these last several years, I have been exploring how I can prepare for my retirement years by adding to my income.  Social Security is never enough to maintain current lifestyles and in our current political environment it may not be there.  As a result I am building an identity on the internet so that I can add to my current salary.  I believe that there is great opportunity if I can associate with the right people and learn the correct way to build my website.  I am in that process at this time.

Also I have a great desire to help others who are searching as I am for greater financial security.  That is why I am here at newbiepage.com.  I want to not only build a solid online income but I want to give back as I make progress!

If  you are reading this page and are looking for help in meeting your goals, please let me know how I can assist you.  I look forward to contributing to your success!

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