Getting Started!

The scriptures tell us that patience is a virtue. I am absolutely convinced that is true in Internet marketing. The lack of patience will cost you time and especially money in search online success. We all want to get started quickly. The pursuit of that first sale and the money in our accounts is a driving force. That force can cause us to look for the quick fix. I have discovered by my own experience that the quick fix can cost you hundreds of dollars and a lot of wasted time.

You can buy premade sites that promise great returns but you must know how to market the site and get traffic to it. A beautiful site with all the bells and whistles that is without traffic is a waste of your time and internet space. And in addition the traffic you send to the site must be the right kind of traffic. The traffic you need must be targeted traffic. People who have a reason for being on your site. People who can be motivated to buy your product because you have the answer to their need. One thousand visitors and no sales is not as good as two hundred fifty hits and 5 sales. Which would you have? I will take the targeted traffic and the five sales every time.

Success Comes To Those Who are Passionate Enough to do the Work!

You know and I know there is no free ride. There are some great products out there but before you lay out your cash, have the patience to do the research and know how to use it for your profit. Otherwise only the entrepreneur who sold it to you will smile all the way to the bank.   Hopefully you are not as naive as I was at the beginning.  I bought many of the ebooks and premade websites that promised instant income. I invested hundreds of dollars in hollow promises.   I do not want to see you make the same mistakes.  This site is here to help you find the tools you need for success.  I will not offer you anything that is not working for me. Let me give you a few beginning Tips…

  • Surround Yourself with Good Quality People
  • Do Not Chase Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • Find a Place Where You Can Be Mentored

Let me suggest starting here:

Keep Looking UP!


One thought on “Getting Started!”

  1. You are so right about 'passion'! It takes work, but if you're passionate about it, it doesn't seem that way. The other thing I would add to 'passion' is a real desire to help other people. We've both been conned with "hollow promises" . . . Cheers, Caden

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